• August 2023 | by blogger

    Escorts Service in Delhi-Safety Tips for Overnight Bookings

    If you are an Escorts in Delhi and a good one at that, then you must be inundated with requests from customers to spend a night with them. Some customers may even be willing to pay an outrageous amount to spend a night with you. However, under no circumstances, you should accept an overnight booking with a new customer because you do not know if a violent, abusive, perverted demon is hiding behind his normal demeanor.

    Here are some safety tips to consider during overnight bookings with clients:

    When it comes to strangers, you do not know what to expect from them. Even if you have talked to them extensively on phone or your agency has screened them, you do not know if a reasonably normal person will turn into a perverted individual later. So, if you have to, then you can consider accepting an overnight booking from a known customer. You should never entertain this request from a new customer.

    Never make the mistake of sleeping with a new customer. Your new customer might steal from you or assault you while you are catching your 40 winks. So it is best to indulge their extended requests and leave, instead of making your clients your sleeping partner. It is not safe physically or emotionally for a female escort in Delhi.

    Spending an overnight session with a customer gives him ample time to plan a devious attack, if he is of that inclination. Even with all the safety checks and crosses, such as reporting back on time to your agency, the customer would have enough time to plan something unpleasant while you are asleep or unaware. So it is better that you provide him with the services and leave.

    It takes time for an escort in Delhi to get to know her customer and vice-versa. You have a chance to study your customers over a period after you have had several encounters with them and know enough about their tastes, likes, and dislikes. If you are meeting a customer for the first time during an overnight session, then the time window is too small for you to read the customer thoroughly, leaving you at a disadvantage. In this circumstance, it is best not to leave your personal safety and security to chance.

    When it comes to having an extended session from an over-zealous customer, who wants to go with an overnighter with you, it is best to ensure that you concentrate on giving him quality two to three hours. That much time would be sufficient to satisfy him, and you are also safe.

    If you immediately accept a customer’s request for an all-night session, then the customer would likely think that you are OK with this all the time. You must clearly make your customer aware that you are breaking your rules here and giving this service as an exception and added favor as a female Mumbai Escorts.

    Even if you let the customer know that you have broken a rule by going on an all-night session with him, then the customer may wrongly perceive that you can break your other boundaries too. This is a risk to your health and gives a completely wrong idea about your attitude and limitations to the customer.

    Moneywise, it is not practical to go for an all-night session because you will be wasting two or three days to catch up with your erratic sleep and overcome your exhaustion as an independent escort in Delhi.

    Finally, what if you do accept a customer’s request for an all-night session, only to find that the customer has cancelled the appointment at the last minute? Your time is wasted and money is gone, and you are left with a bitter taste. So it is better to avoid this unpleasant scenario and go by your usual routine of short sessions.